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Corporate Governance


Global market leader based on management expertise and transparent governance structure

Doosan Bobcat is a global company that has built and maintained its business foundation in various corners of the world for several decades. Among the fundamental reasons behind its sustained market leadership, while meeting the demands from diverse business environments around the world, are its management expertise and transparent governance structure.

All our local executives in charge of technology, production and sales in the U.S., Europe, etc. are top experts in the industry equipped with vast experience and knowledge in our business. Their capabilities are brought together to yield concrete results under the leadership of the Board of Directors at Doosan Bobcat’s Global Headquarters. Doosan Bobcat’s CEO, with proven expertise and experience in the industry, serves as chairman of the board, and directors seasoned with years of field experience in finance, global business and laws engage in decision making through in-depth discussion on key issues.

Doosan Bobcat has established a transparent governance structure that enables the expertise of the management to be effectively reflected in actual decision making. It maintains an independent responsible management system under the leadership of President & CEO Scott Park and the majority of the members of the Board of Directors are outside directors unassociated with major shareholders and the management. In addition, the Audit Committee, the Outside Director Candidates Recommendation Committee, and the Internal Transaction Committee have all been exclusively composed of outside directors, set up to focus on sustainable growth through risk management as well as short-term business performance.

The Audit Committee, headed by Chairperson Kyung Bok Cook – a finance expert – and exclusively composed of outside directors, receives direct reports on issues related to the lawfulness and transparency of accounting and management activities, and provides supervision through strict review processes. The Outside Director Candidate Recommendation Committee, also solely consisting of outside directors, is led by Chairperson Whan Bok Cho, an expert in global market. It screens and recommends candidates for independent outside directors to the general shareholders’ meetings. The Internal Transaction Committee, also exclusively comprising outside directors, is headed by Chairperson Ji Kwang Choi, an accounting and finance expert it approves the company’s transactions after thorough screening of their lawfulness under various laws and regulations including the Monopoly Regulation and Fair Trade Act.

Doosan Bobcat will continue to maintain its strengths such as management expertise and a transparent governance structure, thereby meeting challenges effectively, realizing sustained growth, and further solidifying its position as a global market leader.

Governance Documents

Articles of Incorporation Download
Regulation of the Board of Directors Download
Audit Committee Charter Download
Related Party Transactions Committee Charter Download
Committee Charter for recommending candidates for outside directors Download
Regulation of Internal Accounting Management System Download
Compliance Guidelines Download

The difference compared to the standard good corporate governance

Recommendations of the standard model Whether adopted by Doosan Bobcat Remarks
Introduction of a charter of corporate governance X
Voting in writing O
Voting with aggregate voting rights X
Formation of BOD (with a majority of outside directors) O
Public announcement of BOD activities O
Formation of a committee for the recommendation of outside directors O The committee for the recommendation of outside directors have been formed.
Formation of an audit committee O All outside directors
Establishment and public announcement of the regulations of corporate ethics O
Public announcement of the difference compared to standard corporate governance O
To be covered by liability insurance with the company’s expenses for directors’ compensation for damages O Covered by liability insurance for directors’ compensation for damages (renewed annually)
Exact certification of business report, etc. O Certified by the representative director and the executive in charge.

Doosan Bobcat Governance Rating

Rated by Korea Corporate Governance Service

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