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Stock Information

Stock Status

(As of Dec 31, 2021)

Stock type Total No. of Shares to be issued Total No. of Shares Outstanding Total No. of Issued Shares Total No. of Tradable Shares
Common stock 400,000,000 100,249,166 100,249,166 100,249,166

Listing Information

Record Date Payable Date Remarks
2016-11-18 Listed(KRX)

Voting Rights Exercised at the Annual General Meeting

(Unit : Shares)

2022 2021 2020 2019 2018 2017
Date of meeting (YY-MM-DD) 2022-03-28 2021-03-24 2020-03-24 2019-03-27 2018-03-26 2017-03-31
Total No. of Issued Shares 100,249,166 100,249,166 100,249,166 100,249,166 100,249,166 100,249,166
No. of Shares with voting right 100,249,166 100,249,166 100,249,166 100,249,166 100,249,166 100,249,166
No. of Shares Present 89,641,437 88,998,055 90,914,515 87,694,403 91,571,490 89,472,260
Attendance rate (%) 89.42% 88.78% 90.69% 87.48% 91.34% 89.25%

Voting Rights Exercised

(Unit : Shares)

Year Agenda No. of Shares Present For (%) Remarks
Agenda No. of Shares Present For (%) Remarks
2022 No. 1 Approval of Financial Statements and Consolidated Financial Statements for the 8th fiscal year 89,641,437 94.36% Approved
No. 2 Amend Articles of Incorporation 89,641,437 99.45% Approved
No. 3 Appointment of Outside Director (Kyung Bok Cook) 89,641,437 94.52% Approved
No. 4* Appointment of Member of Audit Committee (Kyung Bok Cook) 35,721,403 91.38% Approved
No. 5 Establishment of executives’ severance allowance policy 89,641,437 91.43% Approved
No. 6 Approval of Total Remuneration of Inside Directors and Outside Directors 89,641,437 92.34% Approved

(*) In accordance with the Commercial Act (Articles 542-12 (3) and (4)), shareholders who hold more than 3 percent of the outstanding shares cannot exercise voting rights on shares exceeding 3 percent with respect to the election of outside directors to the audit committee.


Doosan Enerbility 51.05% / Other Investors 48.94%
Dec 31, 2021

Information about Voting Systems

Voting type Date of adoption Remarks
Not adopted Cumulative voting 2014-04-25 Article 33 of Articles of Incorporation
  • (3) In case two (2) directors or more are elected at a meeting of shareholders, the cumulative vote stipulated in Article 382-2 of the Commercial Code shall not apply.
Adopted Non-cumulative voting 2014-04-25 Article 30 of Articles of Incorporation
  • (1) Shareholders may exercise their voting rights by mail in lieu of attending the meeting of shareholders.
  • (2) The Company shall enclose with the notice of convening of the meeting of shareholders the forms and other reference information necessary for shareholders to exercise their voting rights as provided in subsection (1) above.
  • (3) A shareholder who wishes to exercise his/her voting rights by mail shall fill in the forms referred to in subsection (2) above, as required, and shall submit the said forms to the Company no later than the day immediately preceding the opening date of that meeting.
Introduction of electronic voting system 2017-03-02 Doosan Bobcat enforced the electronic voting system since the 3rd AMG by obtaing approval of the BOD.

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