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Doosan Bobcat Reports Q3 2023 Sales of KRW 2.366 Trillion and Operating Profit Margin of 13%


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    - Cumulative operating profit KRW 1.1 trillion… Exceeded annual profit of 2022
    - Recorded “net cash” for the first time through stable cash flow

On the 27th, Doosan Bobcat announced third-quarter 2023 sales and revenues of 2.366 trillion won, an operating profit of 297.6 billion won, and an operating profit margin of 12.6 percent.

Despite the base effect of high growth in the previous year, sales remained at a similar level with 0.5% decrease year-on-year. Operating profit decreased 6%, and operating profit margin fell 0.7%p due to increased marketing spend. (In dollar terms, sales rose by 1% year-on-year, and operating profit decreased by 5%.)

For the nine months of the year, cumulative sales reached 7.4433 trillion won and operating profit recorded 1.1338 trillion won, grew 19 percent and 38 percent year-on-year, respectively. The company surpassed last year’s annual operating profit of 1.0716 trillion won, reporting an operating profit of over 1 trillion won for the second consecutive year.

Doosan Bobcat converted its net debt to net cash for the first time, reducing the net debt from $67 million last quarter to -$96 million this quarter.

By product (hereinafter, based on dollar terms), construction and grounds maintenance equipment (Compact Equipment) retained the previous year's level with a 1% decrease in sales despite a high base effect from last year. In contrast, demand for Portable Power products increased due to rising oil prices, which led to 16% sales growth. Industrial Vehicle’s material handling products grew 5% due to continued demand for national accounts in North America.

By region, EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) sales grew 13% as demand for loaders in the Middle East increased. North America sales remained at a similar level, and ALAO (Asia, Latin America, and Oceania) sales dropped 9% year-on-year due to a strong U.S. dollar.

An official from Doosan Bobcat said, "Over the past five years, the company has doubled in its size through organic growth and acquisitions despite concerns over the peak out of the industry and uncertainties such as COVID-19," adding, "We are considering various opportunities for long-term growth based on stable cash flows."