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Doosan Bobcat Published Sustainability Report Containing ESG Performance


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    - Korea’s first ‘moving report’ applying multimedia storytelling tools
    - Reduced energy consumption and GHG emissions per production unit by 15% and 17%, respectively

On July 15, Doosan Bobcat announced that it had published the ‘2020-21 Doosan Bobcat Sustainability Report’ containing its ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) performance.

The report, released on the Doosan Bobcat website, is the country’s first ‘moving report’ to which multimedia storytelling tools are applied. Users can read the report more easily and intuitively through the ‘Interactive PDF’ function, which enables them to move to the desired table of contents with a single click, while enjoying various dynamic features such as videos, infographics, and animations.

Based on Doosan Bobcat’s ESG vision and framework, the report focuses on Doosan Bobcat’s efforts and results in four pillars (People, Product, Environment and Community) and three essentials (Governance, Value Chain Sustainability, and Risk Management). In addition, it has also disclosed information on the company’s response to climate change and its performance in the areas of health and safety from the perspective of financial impact in line with the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) Standards.

Doosan Bobcat continuously strives to maximize energy efficiency and reduce environmental impact. In 2021, its energy consumption and GHG (Greenhouse Gas) emissions per production unit went down by 15% and 17%, respectively, with the sales of ‘remanufactured’ products soaring by 61% during the year.

Doosan Bobcat’s such efforts to be eco-friendlier has led to the launch of the T7X, the world’s first ‘all-electric’ compact track loader, which maximizes energy efficiency and emits no harmful substances while significantly lowering noise and vibration.

“Doosan Bobcat prioritizes the environmental, social and governance expectations of our growing business.” said Scott Park, CEO of Doosan Bobcat. “We continue to approach challenges with innovative thinking and responsive problem solving, while leading our industry and customers towards sustainable change and growth.”

Meanwhile, the sustainability report will be published in Korean next month.
‘2020-21 Doosan Bobcat Sustainability Report’ released on July 15, 2022