Sustainable Products
All-Electric T7X

The World's first 100% all-electric compact loader
2022 CES Innovation Award Winner (Vehicle Intelligence & Transportation / Smart Cities)

Features of the T7X

Leading Performance

  • 62kW Lithium-ion Battery
  • Up to 4 Hours of Operation Time
  • 3 times Higher Instantaneous Torque

Zero Emissions

  • Minimal Oil & No Fuel Required
  • Possible for Evolving Global Emission Regulations

Cost Ownership

  • About ½ the Parts and Components
  • Less Down-time
  • Less Maintenance and Repair Costs


  • Good for Noise-sensitive Environment
  • Less Noise and Vibration
Climate Change Action

Doosan Bobcat continues to reduce its environmental footprint by changing to green facilities, upgrading manufacturing lines and converting to alternative fuels with less environmental impact.


Talent Development and Promoting Diversity

The WeGrow program empowers women to build confidence through a community that inspires them to learn and grow.
The program includes internal mentors, external coaching resources, and hands-on experience.

A supportive community for Women at Doosan Bobcat North America


West Fargo, Bismark

  • WeGrow Rodeo - Ride & Drive
  • Monthly Regular meeting
  • Business Acumen Session
  • Leadership session
  • Campaign (Letter Writing, Social & Donation drive, etc)


2021 Kick-Off

  • Kickoff of Statesville WeGrow community
  • Lunch-n-Learn
Social Responsibility




Code of Conduct

  • Educate Doosan Credo
  • Manage ethical compliance and fraud prevention environment (Employee trainings etc.)


  • Provide credible financial statement
  • Disclose information to stock market and manage IR in timely manner

Whistle blowing

  • Operate global reporting channel (ETHICSPOINT)

Board of Directors

  • Obtain independency and professionalism of Board of Diretors
  • Supervise the perfomance of management

Risk Management

  • Structure control environment and control operation
  • Manage legal and standard compliance environment (Employee trainings etc.)
  • Manage business continuity

Audit / Review

  • Obtain independency and professionalism of Audit Committee
  • Perform internal audit and undertake external audit
Whistle Blowing
Reporting channel for violation of Ethical Compliance





Consultation call for ethical compliance

(For employees)

Whistle blow report

(For external stakeholders)

Letters, E-mails, Telephone, Fax and more